Tuesday, 2 February 2010

More on Art Work to Yarn

I spent a weekend with my friend Anne. It was her birthday and she is possibly the only person I know who, on receiving three carded batts as a birthday present, utters a cry of delight. She spun them all that evening and we both felt so inspired that the following day we decided to card and spin some more.
For starters we choose as design source one of Anne's husband's pictures. I adore his work and DH and I have no less than 5 of his but this one is one they kept, and so we picked out as many colours as we could to match from Anne's fibre stash. We carded them on her carder which had fine teeth which was unlike my coarse tooth one on which one could add lots of texture so the rolags were different, fine and delicate as you can see. It took all morning to card four rolags-it is a time consuming process- and then we both spun them. I had my lendrum with the jumbo flyer and the band set on the biggest whorl, Anne wwas using her versatile Louet also on the biggest whorl. Possibly because the rolags were so fine much to my surprise I found myself spinning a relatively fine yarn while Anne spun a thicker one.
Here is mine after a dunk in hot soapy water . I love it. And I enjoyed every step of the way!
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