Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Two New Blogs for Natural Dye enthusiasts

Posted by Helen
Hi every body I am back from Jersey which I will blog about later but this is just to tell you that there is a new natural Dye blog, Jenny Dean's wild colour, on the blogging scene. Jenny Dean is the author of a number of dye books including Wild Colour and produced one of the first books The Craft of Natural Dyes (I think - I can 't find my copy at the moment so that bit is from memory) which focused on environmentally responsible dyeing. Jenny is also very knowledgeable about dye plants. I also took a very enjoyable and interesting natural dyeing workshop with her years ago which I can still remember and for which I still have my samples.

While I was away in Jersey and with a bit free time on my hands I started a new blog. This is Natural Dye Inks and I hope that as well as my paintings in natural dyes that all those who has brought the inks from me will also post up their pictures too.

Welcome to two new followers who pooped up while I was away, Madeline and Fibre Fanatic.


  1. Helen,
    Many thanks for the pointer to Jenny Dean's new blog and good luck with your new blog venture too.

  2. Helen: I have some of the persimmon dye, from a woman who lived and studied it in Japan...Have you used this for wool, I haven't used mine yet, as I didn;t know if it was lightfast on wool, although the color is wonderful on cotton and silk...do you have any experience with this? I would love to use it as I have had a litre of it for about 8 months...and never used it.

  3. I bought my persimmon from Chris Conrad and here is her website:
    http://www.kakishibui.com/about.html I didn't realize she had a book out...how is it...are you dyeing wool with this?

  4. Hi I brought some fermented persimmon from Chris Conrad too and her book which I thought excellent. However I ashamed to say I have not used it yet.
    However I understand that fermented persimmon is strictly speaking not a dye but wraps itself around the fibres so for this reasonis not very good for wool as it makes it hard and sticky but is fantastic with cotton and linen.

    I think we will all have to experiment with this and blog about it!

  5. Emailed Chris last night and she said silk, and tencel, soy, etc are a better choice for the persimmon than wool....as like you said it coats the fibre rather than enter the molecules...glad to hear the fair did well, I am doing the second one and it is medium this year...not as good but the dollar and economy are crap....lol

  6. Thanks for this information! I didn't realize that Jenny Dean had a blog. And I think your new one is a great place for one of your other creative sides.

  7. Mnay thanks for the info re Jenny Deans blog .
    You are both my inspiration for natural dyeing

  8. Hi , I'm a freshman. suppose say hi.

    Take care and Thanks alot

    (apologise if the wrong thread to post this)

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