Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ink! Ink! Glorious Ink!

I am off to WonderwoolWales tommorrow with my stall . And! .............With my Inks!........................

I am so pleased with my dear little bottles so here is a photo of them all.
Brazilwood soft red- a traditional recipe,
18th Century Black
and the rest I invented myself.
Cochineal red
They are £6.50 each for 50ml or special offer buy four get one free! They will be on my website soon as soon as I manage to work out how to post them. In the meantime I shall be at with them but although they have been ready only for one day I ahve already had an order for four !
It has been a very interesting journey which is not over yet as when I started to look into inks I was just interested. The decision to try making some for sale developed as I went along.


  1. Yeah, they look great - look forward to seeing them all in action! Is there an extracts booklet as well? The extracts will be my feature, so don't forget the cloth!!!!!!!
    Hope we both have a good weekend and look forward to meeting lots of people we haven't seen for ages!

  2. Helen they look wonderful! I hope all your hard work is very profitable.

  3. You have been so busy, and the inkbottles look great!
    I hope you had a good weekend at the fair.

  4. Well done on getting this far - now I hope these inks are successful for you.

  5. These look so cool - do you post to America??