Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Going grey! and a school visit.

The black pot is going grey. At least the water is and the wool at the bottom is going a pale grey. Of course I realise that this was a very unscientific experiment. I should have had known weights of leaves, fibres and so on and I will do this. In the meantime WE HAVE HAD NO SUN to speak of and all my solar dyeing is looking fairly miserable-very little colour and the madder pot looks a bit on the brown side. I think we need some good hot weather-Oh I wish ! To those readingthis from parts other than the UK we have had a winter in the middle of our summer or that is what it feels like!

Today I had a visit form my local primary school , Bodfari School , with whom I did a workshop in March. We made a banner and next week I shall go to the official unveiling and hand out an Art prize. I loved having the children and showed them a few plants. We found plants that gave red, yellows ( what a surprise) blue, purple, red orange and black but no greens. When I counted them I find I had 42 different dyeplants which did include things like nettles I have to admit but still I was impressed! I had no idea I had so many. Next week the Wi are coming and following that another group. I have a good introduction planned. "This is a working and wild garden" I shall say grandly and hope that this means they will overlook the rough edges. DH has been busy and tidying stuff up but as always it needs lot of work.


  1. Well, it's only been a few days. I wish I could send you some of our hot weather; that might do the trick!

  2. I wish you could do too Leigh. It is so cold here and I have solar dyeing workshop here tommorrow!

  3. I commiserate with you, Helen, and there is no change in sight:(( but if you ever come close to reed flowers (not in the garden of course) - they do give me a nice green! grey green, but without added iron....