Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Pictures, a creative surge and panic stations

Posted by Helen

Last Saturday I ran a felt jewellery workshop for the Rowan Art Gallery in Mold. Their gallery is made up of movable walls - a brilliant idea , and a long time ago ( as in sometime in the spring) they asked me if I would like to have a wall at the gallery for three weeks . I thought this was a wonderful idea as it means I can put a lot of my work together without having to have 30 or so pictures and the courage for a solo exhibition , so at the workshop , which went really well, they asked me is I still wanted it. "Great" I said "November"? "No, October 20th"! Oops. Fortunately I have been doing a lot of paintings which are the start of making my pictures and some felt making and quite a lot of thinking about my next pictures. So I set to and got going and and suddenly a creative surge swelled up from inside me! . Tim and Chanel who do all my framing for me ( The Cathedral Framers St Asaph), said they would frame anything I could produce up to a week before. So over the last few days three pictures have gone to the framers.
Falling Leaves.

Stormy sky and hills 1
Srormy sky and hills 2


  1. good thing that the creative surge came when you need it! with me it's usually that I have it when I am not under pressure...
    I like the middle one best - the stormy weather with the dark colours! though our bogs are mostly brown, yellow and a little muted green and this time - the sky definitely would fit the bill for the last two days:)) and I am already slightly "christmassy" in my mood - that's frightening:((

  2. I really like both stormy hills- pictures (birch trees are so common here, the open landscapes catch my eye more), I can see where you get your inspirations when I looked at the photos of the hills you had posted earlier, I really liked to see what it is like there! Thank you for them.

  3. I think my creative urge was waiting to be kick started! I have loved doing my pictures and now I am wanting to get on with another one but have had to divert onto getting stuff ready for workshops! sigh. Thank you both for you kind comments . I have just picked up the two stormy skies from the framers and at the moment they are both hanging on my sitting room walls and I am enjoying them. This may not be for long. I have sold almost all my pictures and the big ones all seem to get sold which is most surprising givent he current climate, especially as I sold the Rough Sea only two weeks ago. Only small ones are left.
    I can't bear thinking of Christmas till my elder son has his birthday on the 12th of December! However I agree with you Bettina the evenings drawing in and the sudden cold weather all make one feel that the season is further on.