Saturday, 6 December 2008

Artisan Market

Posted by Helen
Today was day one of a two day Artisan Market at Trefriw Woollen Mill near Conwy North Wales. There were three of us there, Anne , myself and Wendy. Both Anne and Wendy demonstrate spinning and sell their own work from May to September and Iwas invited as well probably becuase the market came out of a suggestion of mine that since Anne was there all the way through the winter for the first time she and Elaine whose family owns and runs the mill ( three generation family business) should advertise her presence to the local Spinner Weaver and Dyer Guilds. Somehow this became a two day Artisan Market in which I became involved. To enable us to make up a poster I took some photos mostly of Anne's work at the end of the day I was visiting her using the candle light symbol on my camera as the light was going and fortuitously this came out quite well. I made up the posters, Elaine did a fantastic job advertising the market to local papers, Anne and Wendy dropped leaflets around the place and I emailed and handed them out to people who came to my workshops . This was all very much at the last minute having been organised about six weeks ago so none of us were hoping for much -given the normal take up of craft fairs, the recession etc- but to our astonishment we were busy all day , the first visitors if not quite queueing to get in at 11 am were nonetheless there on the dot. Wendy asked everyone how they had heard of the event and we were all fascinated to learn that we had fibre enthusiasts coming as a result of my email, interested members of the public coming because of local advertising and friends of the mill as well as guild members.
I managed to take a few pictures but generally when there were not so many people around but here they are to give you a flavour.
I sold lots of inks-I was so pleased as at the Woolfest I did not sell a single bottle but this autumn they have really started to sell. Maybe it is the addition since the summer of purple, blue and bronze.


  1. How lovely to have a woollen mill as a venue for your artisan market.

    Glad you had a successful couple of days.

  2. Hi Sue- the building cleared of all its looms- there to show how cloth used to be woven-is lovely

  3. Hi Helen,
    happy to read your market was so succesful. I like the photo's you made.
    I also was on a market with my feltworks this afternoon but it was outside.
    I'm still warming my feet.

  4. missed it cos I was off work :(
    pls use my home email (tiscali thanks)
    Dyeing to try out the Bronze..x

  5. Oh dash it I forgot all about it and had wanted to go :( I even had the leaflet from the Guild !!
    Sounds like it was good few days too :)
    Is it going to an yearly thing ?

  6. Hi Artis Anne and Twisted Sister (I did send a reminder email -sorry Twisted Sister that I sent it to the wrong address, next time I shall have to blog about it too. It is a shame you missed it but yes Elaine (Williams) whose family owns the mill seems very keen on having another and expanding it a bit too so it is definitely on for next Christmas. Sunday was even better than Saturday with people arriving from some distance away and spending the whole day at the mill. Trefriw Woollen Mill has been mentioned again in the Guardian as offering fantastic value items- the particular ones mentioned were woven table mats under £10 so the Mill Shop is a real draw too. We were of course helped by the weather which was stunning so the drive particularly if people came through Snowdonia was fantastic. It was -2C when I set off so I had lots of layers on!