Friday, 20 March 2009

Dye Garden

Genista Tinctoria yellows
A quick whizz around the dye garden this afternoon showed some of the dye plants have started to flourish in the spring sunshine.
Rubia Tinctoria below giving reds, corals and oranges
Isatis Indigotica Chinese woad blues
Anthemis Tinctoria Dyers Chamomile Yellows
Solidago Canadensis Golden Rod Yellows
Reseda Luteola Weld Yellows


  1. Hi Helen, how wonderful spring is over there already. I couldn't get my eyes off from the top photo with narcissus, I just want to look and look at it and dream about spring. My snowdrops are just today peaking from under the snow, I wish the spring would come quicker!
    Those chinese woad leaves look like you could pick and dye with them now.

  2. Lovely photos!...and happy spring to you! I will enjoy your spring since mine is still several weeks away! Hope your garden yields lots of color this year!

  3. I hope my madder will decide to come up after all - nothing there yet and your's already peaking out! and I think my genista t. finally gave out too, but at least the lithospermum came up again! today the weather is miserable and I take that as an excuse not to work in the garden - but keep on weaving instead:)

  4. Hi Leena we do have a much earlier spring than you in fact it is not often we get snow but now we are having another cold snap with avery cold wind.
    I am hoping t buy a birch tree my new neigbour havign cut down the one that was on our border ,Mahonia and a smoke tree so I am hoping for lots more colour.The trouble is trying to find the time to use it all.
    Madder seems to like being in my garden