Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Hi from Enys

Wish time would stretch, so much to do, just been collecting the flowers of Coreopsis and Dyer's chamomile, they are on trays on the window sills hoping for sun. Today was rain and more rain, whatever happened to Summer. The Echium vulgare in the garden is full of bees, so I've planted two more and am now going to plant more seeds and overwinter in the greenhouse. The roses outside the front of the house are being ruined by the rain, I'm having a good moan so I guess I must be tired - I seem to have been running around and getting nowhere fast, just like Alice in Through the Looking Glass. Never mind, Helen usually revives me on Friday's with lots of coffee.
Can't remember whether I told you this but the other week growing amongst the green peppers in the greenhouse I discovered some Amaranthus -Hopi red dye plants,I'd grown them last year and some had germinated and some hadn't, so I threw the compost left in the tray onto the green house planting floor and now I've got 3 big Hopi plants growing, they obvious like the greenhouse better than the great outdoors, and I finally got a photo onto the blog!! So here are a few more starting with a view of a small part of the garden- it was supposed to start with a view of the garden but obviously I haven't quite got the hang of it yet, but at least I got the photos on even if not in the places where I wanted them. A limited success. I'll have to have word with Helen on Friday.



  1. Summer goes so fast, just a little while ago it was spring. I'm having the same thing, too much to do and too little time.
    I love the dog photo:)

    Helen's last posting about weld was really good, thank you!, I couldn't comment in that one, for some reason I can't see the comments in that page.

  2. I am replyng for Enys who says she has not quite got to working out comments and how to reply yet.
    This is mostly because she is very busy and never a day goes when she is not involved in some town event or friends are dropping by. I am lucky she comes and sorts me my garden my dog and sometimes my life out!
    Glad you liked the stuff about the weld -there is always more to learn :) Helen