Saturday, 16 January 2010

Waterfall 3 framed

I got the picture back from the framers done in double quick time-just 6 days. Tim and Chanel of of the Cathedral Framers St Asaph Denbighshire ( in case you want some work done-strongly recommended by me) normally like 3 weeks so I was really grateful. It is hard even to believe that we were in such desperate straits, snowbound and with freezing weather as now we have had a thaw and there is only a little snow on the hills and we are back to a green world again.
I am really really pleased with it.
Just to compare here is Waterfall 2 done in 2007, Waterfall 1 my first piece done in 1997 I have no good photos of unfortunately


  1. Helen, that piece deserves to be framed. I'm glad you did it!

  2. I am very lucky - I got to see it "in the flesh"! It is indeed very beautiful. This photo doesn't show off all the colour nuances within the water. (very difficult to pick up)
    The up and coming one is also going to be quite special - but not as big a fall of water!

    Go Helen! I love your landscapes! Really pleased you're back into them again.

  3. Beautiful waterfall the texture is so three dimensional, it definitely deserved a frame

  4. Thank you one and all for heart-warming praise.:)

  5. Piękne obrazy, to niesamowite co można wyczarować z wełny :)