Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Working Studio,Organised Chaos or What the BBC saw!

Dot Lumb in her blog Fibre 2 Fabric mentioned the state of her studio saying that the place that had been immaculate two years ago was now almost too full to move in. It set me thinking about my studio. One fellow artist just says "Oh my God" whenever he sees it Early on in the week I taught 7 people Felt Beyond the Boundaries-incidentally one of favourite workshops- in a beautiful pottery studio ( Ceri Pottery) high in the hills near Newtown in Powys. Her large studio with two pottery wheels and lots of working space was immaculate and really put mine to shame. My worse enemy could not describe mine as immaculate and here it is in all its organised chaos glory with photos from the doors at either end. This is what the BBC saw when they came interested in running a children programme .
I thought it would be fascinating to have a show of working places. What does your studio look like?
Mine I realise is going to have a face lift before the Open Studio event later this year Helfa Gelf. sigh.When?I don't know and where will everything go while I wash down the walls and paint? I know it needs to be done and I will feel better for it but ..............................arrgh!


  1. Helen, it's supposed to be a working! studio:)) if you can work in it well - so be it. everybody is different, some can only work well in chaos, others need total order! I don't even have a studio - I have to work around the house and in a guest room that sees visitors too (apart from housing my mess) - but if they don't like my stash, they are welcome to pay high prices at the next b&b:)) I wouldn't worry too much about it, as long as you know where everything is. you've already too much to do!

  2. Well Dh says he has seen it looking worse! I work in organised chaos and it is just slipping over to chaos when suddenly I have to have a massive clear up! However you are quite right I have to much on at the moment to think about it.

  3. Your studio looks organized to me, as long as you can comfortably move around and work, and find things-not to worry about it.
    If it was immaculate then it would seem as though to me, you were not creating-lol

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