Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wonderwool 2010

My stall: I am better pleased with this year than last but you still have to contend with the feeling you are setting up inside a shoebox. Sales were okay-just- but odd. Saturday was dreadful and I took most of my money on Sunday afternoon.

I am on the right and Carys is on the left. Carys is one of two who make the most fabulous unusual and interesting clothes from recycled garments , although they say they are upcycled. Below is me and Hayley the other one of the two girls -snapped by Enys when I wasn't looking.

You can find Cary's and Hayley's work here and here Every year Enys and I ransack their stall. Enys bought two summer dresses but I brought the cream top with a bustle to go with the dress I bought last year. It is great fun and of the things I most enjoy about Wonderwool
I am sure why this photo is at an angle. Enys this one is down to you! It shows off my bustle cardigan. I just love the quirkiness of these clothes:)
Here is Enys but wearing her gorgeous coat over her dress so you can't see it!

and my fibres.
What did I sell? Well bits of everything but what thrilled me to my heart is lots of my new Beyond the Twist yarns . One customer said there was nothing like them elsewhere in the 150 stalls.Very heart warming and my favourite customer moment. I sold lots of inks too which as they are are very much my babies I feel really thrilled about. However sales were overall poor. I was not alone with this . Will I go back next year? Not sure.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Your friends work is amazing, thanks for hte link.

  2. Hi Jasmine their clothes are quite fabulous! I love my dresses.

  3. I think your stand looks great. Wish I could have been there to boost your sales.

  4. Strange how it all goes at these shows - most of my sales were on Saturday morning, though it ticked away most of the time. I'll keep going though - it's just such a fun occasion.

    I sat down last night and made rolags of all the Autumn yak fibre I bought from you on Saturday - can't wait to spin it.

  5. Hi Janet I wish you were there too!
    Hi Freyalyn-interesting about the sales! It seems to have varied around the show ground. I wish it had been from me you bought yak hair but alas it was not. Cashmere and silk yes yak hair no!
    Originally I thought it was going to clash with ISEND 2011 but I understand Wonderwool has changed the date but even so I think it clashes with a workshop I am booked for .However I wonder whether we are reaching a peak at events like this . Hmm!

  6. Oh wow, you girls look so damn good in these fabulous clothes!

  7. I have a suspicion that the big businesses dominated took a disproportionate amount of the sales, I wonder why? It's the small businesses doing interesting and different things that I value at shows like this.

    It was a wonderful event however and I was delighted to meet you and Enys. Enys' coat and velvet dress was stunning, I'd vote for her being best dressed person at the show!

  8. Not even sure how I found your blog- but it's fascinating!! I love the breakdown on how you dyed with the cochineal- Great idea to use a crock pot! Mary

  9. Would love to have been there and peruse your booth. Absolutely love the clothes!

  10. have to try this too this summer, although today the suns seems to have her wintersleep...

  11. ooh, forgot to mention, I'am totaly a fan of your two girls (are they yours? wow....!) And are you all running workshops? Willing to come over to the Netherlands?