Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Rust Dyeing

 I have been having fun with rust dyeing. So simple-just rusty nails , silk and dye.

Half the fun is opening the packages.
 You never know quite what will come out

and despite the expression on my face I  am really pleased with this one.

 I love them and they are quite my newest passion !


And they are lovely to felt with.
The one on the left in the picture  is felted with some of  my fabulous 15 micron merino.

.I am  taking these to the Textile Fair at Duchy Square Centre for Creativity this weekend 29th and 30th October . Ok an unashamed plug but it looks to be a fantastic event with some very interesting stalls so get there if you can.
See you there I hope.


  1. Wow, Helen. What fun! I really like that one you're holding. Quite stunning.

  2. Hi Helen, That looks fantastic - I have a vague memory of doing rust and indigo dyeing with you years and years ago, this looks far more fun!!
    Sorry I won't be at Duchy Square, apparently I should have have been invited! Never mind I'm sure you'll all have a ball!
    Love Deb

  3. Helen they are absolutley GORgeous!

  4. Hi Debbie- it is a real shame - Especially as your and my stock compliments each other. It would have been good to catch up too..sigh.... You will have to hassle them for next year. Incidentally what about Fibre East? are you doing that I am planning on going.
    Thank you feltersjourney -They are really fabulous to felt with too. :)

  5. I think you need longer arms, Helen!

    It was great having time to actually chat and look at your beautiful work "in real life" when you visited our Guild - makes a change from our usual snatched two minute conversations en route to the loo/cafe at shows!

  6. Yes and longer legs too! The world is not made for 4ft 10" women .
    Thank you I really enjoyed my visit to the Guild and as you say not for once being ships in the night!

  7. your pieces are gorgeous-I discovered rust dyeing a couple years ago-and just love it too-so fun to open up and see what happened

  8. These are splendid. Great results!

  9. Hi Helen
    Sorry will miss you at Duchy Square this weekend, hope it goes brilliantly!
    Cheers Robin

  10. So fun, rust dyeing must be in the air, as I just order India Flints book so it was wonderful to see your success with rusty nails, and l5 MICRON !!!I don't think I have ever had that to play with...nice work Helen

  11. thrilled to meet you (and yours) yesterday. Inspired as always...

    Off to play with scarf and inks..
    best wishes

  12. Thank you one and all for your nice comments about my rust dyeing.
    I am just about to rush & put and put some silk into soak because I am enjoying it so much.
    The event at Duchy Square was great but the travelling was very tiring and now DH and I are recuperating a bit.
    Sorry not to see you Robin -lovely to meet you Shani -
    Heigh ho now back to work getting ready for teaching tonight!

  13. These rust dyed fabrics are beautifu Helen. I've just had a lovely catch-up on your blog.

  14. lovely! the delicate vining is very fetching. i sometimes have a similar look on my face when i feel my glasses slipping; i've been accused of being in a foul mood several times, when i really wasn't, just my glasses slipping!