Friday, 4 November 2011

Weld and bloggers block!

I have had bloggers block.
Here are the reasons:
Boring ones:
coming off HRT so I have lots of night  sweats and insommia
Fun ones
A Kindle
I sit in bed drinking a cup of tea reading in the morning  ( telling myself I really ought to blog but.......)
Marmite is not  what  you think , a famous black yeast spread to put on your toast , but in fact a black and white sprocker ( cross beteen a springer and a cocker) now a mischievous and energetic 5 month old. ( yes we thought we were mad too!)
Yesterday we were out for the day having a walk together and doing our best to tire out the said Marmite (as we call his name we hear a chorus from other dog walkers every where we go of "love him or hate  him "-a reference to the famous advertising campaign for  Marmite with a tag line of "love it or hate it")  .

It was our wedding anniversary and we were going out of  a meal in the evening so dog had to be well and truly tired out so he would sleep  rather than chewing up shoes or slippers or some such while we are out-he always find s something . ) So we were walking along the Conwy estuary loking across the river  to the famous Conwy castle built by Edward 1st to keep the Welsh down and trying to persuade Walnut our springer spaniel and Marmite that a dip in the fast flowing river was not perhaps the best of ideas when to my astonishment I saw huge stands of Weld.  Of course I did not have my camera! (sigh ) but take my word for it there was masses  of it behind fences.

I picked a bit of the  seed heads where most  of the dye is and tomorrow I shall  dye with it. ( Not before sprinkling it the seeds around some  newly dug earth  where weld likes to grow.
I was surprised  to see it so near the sea so I am interested to see whether it might be a different variety to the one I have growing in the garden . I tis certainly very vigorous some of stands were at least 6 ft high.
ps Marmite has kept me company while I was writing this  and enjoyed himself ripping up an old catalogue and then enterprisingly he went down stairs, brought up the dustpan  and is chewing that.


  1. Nice to hear from you, Helen:)
    I have also been too busy to blog regularly, but it is better to write when it is fun or when you have something to tell, I think.

  2. True!
    Nice to hear from you too.
    Thanks Leena

  3. Nice to have you back, Helen!

  4. Helen, Hi! I'm so glad you're back. Luka (older dog) and Argos (new puppy) say hello to Walnut and Marmite..

  5. good to have you back, Helen - I thought you might have packed in the dyeing:))
    DS is begging for a new puppy every few days, but I am still resisting, because our leftover doggy resident Dobby is rather averse to having other dogs around.... and of course because of the mayhem they generally manage:))
    have a good weekend!