Monday, 30 July 2012

New Pictures for Helfa Gelf

I love creating landscapes - but I need deadlines to really get me going.  One is coming up very fast over the horizon Helfa Gelf 2012, the largest open studio event in North Wales .
here is one of my pictures that I have just completed and sent off to my framers.
"Stone Wall Naturally Dyed Felt and Machine Stitch ".

As well as getting pictures ready I also have to think what I shall demonstrate as people come round visiting my studio. I have tried landsape production  but just can't do it as I really need to ocncentrate so need something I can talk about and do quite easily.

One year I had a fermented indigo vat with a large sign on it saying fermented indigo vat RATHER SMELLY.  I turned round to see a visitor with his head in the vat taking a long sniff.  " I am an archeologist " he said "and just wanted to know what it smelt like"


  1. Ruth thank you so much for you comment- very nice to wake up to and I love your blog . The pears are fascinating. Helen

  2. What an amazing picture. You did a great job, Helen.

  3. Thanks Lizet really kind of you.

  4. Love it! What an amazing stone wall - I wanted to reach out and touch it.

  5. Lyn thank you that was great comment to wake up this morning!