Thursday, 15 November 2007

leaf abstract

Having spent so much time on black-very odd for someone who really likes colour- I rebelled yesterday and made a piece of felt. I have been working on a whole series of felt pictures on floating leaves for an exhibition in December , the autmn leaves floating on the surface of water or in the small streams that abound here. There is one that goes across the road where I walk the dogs sometimes. I wasn't thinking of anything when I made this felt just laying down fibres and adding layers of colour with lots of raw silk. The picture above is the result. I realised then that my subconcious had made a floating leaves pictrue but here the leaves are fragmented and broken down. I like it but I have to admit the photograph is not brilliant and does not do justice to the complex colours.


  1. I too, find it tough to accurately photograph what I blog about, but I really like that felt! Quite lovely.

  2. I agree with Leigh - it looks beautiful! though over here the autumn leaves are brown and the water underneath rather mucky - maybe not ideal for felting ideas:)) no time for felting though, I am spinning "my butt off" here - to have enough yarn for the intended presents....