Monday, 12 November 2007

Well I have finally done it-cut down the purple loostrife although when I look at the colour sample I wonder why I bothered. I think I became slightly obsessed with this one, although I am always on the look for a black and this is supposed to be one that gives a black. Well it is now all chopped up and in soak. All 600g of it. Chopping it up felt very much liking chopping weld and I have had a very good colour from weld at this stage that is with the seeds heads formed but green leaves still on the stem. So I am hoping.

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  1. have you tried the roots of either meadowsweet or flag iris for blacks? I know that they are listed for it, I have just been to lazy to try it out so far:(( I do like the meadowsweet tops for yellow - and the smell in the dye pot is lovely, but then picking the tops is easier and quicker than digging around in the boggy soil for the roots....