Friday, 1 February 2008

Mohair dyed in indigo and fermented buckthorn bark

I have had someof this mohair for a while now so started to pop it into the dye pots. This one was dyed in one dip indigo and then left in the fermenting buckthorn bark while I was on holiday. I had actually forgotten it as there! It has come out the most fabulous colour.
The mohair comes from Lesly Prior's farm and you can see pictures of her mohair goats on her blog at
I also have some of her Bowmont fleece which I am washing in my small slow cooker about 50g at a time. I spindle spun some on holiday plied wth silk-which I really enjoyed doing. I want to dye this fleece in the dark turquoises I dyed my Shetland Ryland cross and fortunately now have a new delivery of the Green extract which will give this colour. My problem is that I have too many things on the go, and now I also want to do the latest workshop on the Online Guild of WEavers Spinners and Dyers which is on sketchbook an area I feel that I could learn a lot. sigh-not enough hours in the day!


  1. Oh gosh! Is this the month for the sketchbook workshop? I'm so far behind in absolutely everything that I didn't even know that! Like you, too many things on the go! Anyway, the mohair is a lovely color!

  2. Hi leigh -can't believe you are behind on anything! Glad you liked the mohair