Friday, 22 February 2008

Sketchbook collage

This picture on the left was the first collage using newspaper . Above is the second done about a week later using naturally dyed paper to collage with and focussing more on the lighthouse. The one on the extreme right was a bit of fun as I put the Gherkin in instead of the lighthouse from the London skyline. My family thought it looked like a Thunderbird and christened it Thunderbirds are Go. However I liked the sea.


  1. I really meant to participate in this workshop. But I'm so far behind in OLG messages that I will probably just wait until I can clear my calendar a little. Your collages make it really tempting however.

  2. I thought I did not have time but I love doing this sort of stuff so when I ahve an odd hour I can't resist the temptation to nip off and have a play. However it has put me behind on the inks!

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