Sunday, 4 May 2008

Enys blog on dye plants 19 April 2008

enys said...
Mae Tyfu Lliw yn enw addas iawn i'r 'blog' yma. Yr wyf yn cael llawer o hwyl yn tyfu bob math o flodau i Helen i'w defnyddio. Mae hi yn creu lluniau bendigedig, mae y lliwiau yn hollol naturiol ac felly yn gweithio yn dda iawn yn rhoi lliw credadwy o'r wlad o'm cwmpas.I was just wondering if there was a Welsh person out there using natural dyes.I'm so glad the polygonum has germinated, I get worried when I send seeds.The Woad grows everywhere in my garden, but I always plant some seeds in the greenhouse, and these never do very well - so now I rely on it self seeding (which it does with a vengence).I germinated the Chinese Woad in 3 different ways, bottom heat -very succesful, greenouse covered in bubble wrap very good result but obvious slower, and in an open tray and they are just showing now. The weather has been so dull and cold so everything is very slow, usually by now I am potting on at a frantic rate, as it is I've potted on about 30 Japanese polygonums and I've got what looks like hundreds more. Make sure you let one or more plants set seed to save for next year.I'm going to put most of the Chinese Woad in Helen's garden, to avoid it cross pollinating with my Isatis tinctoria Woad. I've got a another place to put mine a long way from the main garden. Always exciting growing new plants.Enys

Helens' note-Enys meant to post this but put it into a comment box instead so I have posted it for her.
Incidetnally woad does not flourish in my garden. We grow it here from Enys plants but rarely do we find woad self seeding any where in my garden.


  1. Good to hear from Enys, I am interested about woad plants setting seed in Enys' garden but not Helen's, as my woad plants are coming into flower, I am now curious as to what will happen here.

  2. Hi Dorothy it will be interesting to see what happens in your garden. Is it growing well? Woad does not grow terribly well in my garden, may be I have too many trees.