Saturday, 31 May 2008

Filming the Dye Garden

Photographing the filmers!
The top picture shows Enys with the presenter Russell waiting to be filmed through a sea of golden rod , Enys again waiting - there was a lot of waiting- with my washing line with merino tops dyed with the garden dye plants next to her The third one is of the camera man in my studio with dried garden grown dyes in the foreground, and finally me posing in blue gloves glasses on top of my head as usual waiting to pull something out the dyepot.
The day went well- the garden and Enys were the stars and Enys explained all about the dyes sometimes translating what I said but the focus was really on the plants. S4C is the Welsh language channel and consequentially they cannot have more than a small amount of English in it so I don't appear very much in the film, just pulling stuff out the indigo vat and so on. They were fascinated by my samples of fermented madder and solar dyed madder which I had laid out ready at the back of the studio ( will put up a photo of these ) and we unwrapped a piece of bundled silk which had been wrapped around crushed dye plants for three weeks and left in the sun. The colours are gorgeous so I will take a picture of that today and put it up on the blog too. The funniest thing was the big debate on how to translate that I do a lot of fermentation dyeing and came up between them with a word that apparently is rather like brewing as the formal dictionary translation of fermentation into Welsh would not have been recognised by many viewers. The day was fun how much of it it will make it to the small screen I don't know but they said it will probably be shown about four weeks after the start which is the 4th of June.

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