Sunday, 23 November 2008

Light,landscapes and trees

As a child my mother took me to see the Vermeers ( we lived in the Hague then), the Impressionists in Paris when I was 12 and Turner on the return to the UK. It is only very recently that it dawned on me that I responded to all these with an inner excitement I did not recognize at the time because of the light and how it falls.
As I have surfed the blogging world I have loved the blogs which show landscapes as well as art work as this shows the light that the blogger are living in ( if that makes sense). This is particularly true of the Australian blogs such as herewitht or India Flint's blog as the light is so different to the light here but also recently Leigh in the USA showed the autumnal trees near her. How much do people think the light and the colours around them effect their work either consciously or unconsciously?
Well here are some pictures taken to day and in the space of a half hour morning walk ( about 9am) with the dog . You can see from at least one why I wanted blue and bronze inks!

Welcome to new followers of my blog Patrica, FontaineFleurie and PepperJulies who have joined in since my last post. It is great to having you all here, keeps me on my mettle and it has definitely increased links as I always look at the blogs and often the other blogs a follower follows.

I am busy getting ready for 21/2 days of workshops at the Harbour Gallery Jersey next weekend. This is the first time I had to go by air to a workshop destination. As I dye all the fibers and make up packs for all my workshops this has been an interesting exercise. Two boxes with the packs for the main workshop went off last week now I am packing a large suitcase with more packs, extras and a small shop. I am hoping that I can get most my clothes into my quite capacious overnight bag which will go in the overhead locker in the aircraft. Enys, who always travels light says you just need one change of clothes and enough knickers to last! I am not sure I can travel quite that light but I definitely will have to restrain myself from slinging in extra pairs of shoes just in case and one or two extra sweaters.


  1. Thank you you gave me the insight why I also love the blue and orangebrown - living in the Netherlands in open land, I always admire the great skys. But I also need trees around me and the colour in the autumn makes me feel happy....

  2. Hi I lived in the Netherlands for 5 years as a child and learnt to love the big skies.

  3. Helen, your light is very soft in your photos, there is no harsh light shining in the tree tops or making your photos look too contrasted. And the sky looks so dark and stormy in the final photo. You are right about the trees and light being different. I have been having some conversations about landscape with Tricia from Lets Create and notice a vast difference in light, topography, and vegetation. The seasons being reversed may have an impact as well.

    Your workshop sounds like fun, but I am sure that I could not fit everything into one bag either. Even if I tipped everything into smaller bottles it still would not fit. Luckily I am driving to my workshop next weekend and will be able to take lots of things.

    Have a great time at your workshop.


  4. Hi Helen,
    I must say how lucky I think that you were being given great insight into all those wonderful landscape painters from such an early age.

    Light is wonderful, but it is so darned ellusive. I sometimes go to grab my camera when I see the light on the trees from my window and by the time I have it in my hand that particular beautiful scene has vanished. It is a bit like trying to photograph a dragonfly, I've had better luck with that I can tell you. Beautiful contrasts in your landscape photos, Thanks for sharing. Triciax

  5. What gloriously soft hued landscape shots!