Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More on the Artisan Market , Mittens and Stoles

Anne wearing one of my stoles and looking pensive

Posted by Helen
One of the features of the Artisan Market was my friend Anne, one of the two hand spinners at the mill, ( the other is Wendy) and who decided to model my turquoise and silk fine felt stole. She started off just seeing what it felt like and as the day wore on she got more and more enamoured of it. When a customer said she liked it and on being told it was for sale asked to try it on Anne's face was a study in dismay! She was wearing a lovely jacket in a very soft muted turquoise-unfortunately in the only photo of her that I have it looks grey, with which the stole looked fantastic. By the end of the weekend she had decided to buy it and I had two commissions to make one as a result of people seeing her wearing it. All three have had to promise to lend their stoles back to me as they are needed as samples for the biannual summer school of weavers, spinners and dyers, where I am teaching Felt Stoles. Incidentally Anne fastened the stole with a fused seaglass brooch I had bought back from the Harbour Gallery on Jersey. I bought 4 now of course I wish I had got more as they compliment the fine wool of the stole.

These are someof my fine Felt mittens , which just as the stoles are made from ultrafine 18.5micron merino and silk. These are now for sale on my website . My favourites are the big multicoloured one so if they don't sell I shall shrink one down to fit my hands and let DH who was a model for the large size choose another so in a way I don't want to sell them but on the other hand I might as well. I loved making these and I have to confess I rather proud of how light and fine I managed to make them. The mittens even the large ones are under 50g in weight for the pair. The 18.5 micron merino is so lovely to felt with.


  1. My goodness, those mittens are beautiful!

  2. Hi Helen, sorry but no comment. I wrote a long comment (even took my dictionary out) but Blogger would not let me.
    So, till next time.

  3. Hi Martine blogger can be so exasperating- I wish I blogged on Word Press, which does not seem to have the same problem

  4. beautiful post about beautiful felt

  5. Thank you yvette- cheered me up as I am suffering form three different bugs at once and feeling very sorry for myself. :(
    This does not stop me having a madder bath on the go tho' :)

  6. Your mittens are delightful Helen. And I think your stole is very special too. You have some very bright colours from your vegetation dyes.

  7. Hi yes I do have bright colours- I love them and I have always felt that the reputation that natrual dyeing is wishy washy and pale needs refuting! I once saw a folder by someone who had studied the City and Guilds creative emebroidery course who had tried dyeing threads with onion skins and beetroot and commented that natrual dyeing was not for her as the colours were so pale. This is enough to make me jump up and down in rage foaming at the mouth -being some what passionate about natrual dyes!

  8. Have a Merry Colourful Christmas!

  9. Helen
    Hope you are well now
    All the very best for 2009
    and beyond..