Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hi from Enys

Just been getting the plants all ready for their trip to Woolfest, I can never decide what to take and what to leave behind. The wonder dog, Cariad, is going to stay with her favourite people, she will have walked all over the Clwydian Range and probably a great deal of Snowdonia, and will be extremely fit on our return.
Daughter and partner are in charge of all the greenhouse watering of husband's tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines + all the dye plants left inside and out + all the cuttings and houseplants.
Must admit that the plants are looking really good - especially the madder, which is a real pain to pack, it all gets tangled up and it takes ages to untangle it when we are setting the plants out - my arms are covered in faint scratches from it, maybe it doesn't want to leave home!!
Back to the packing - it's amazing what you can get into a Discovery, but where we are going to put our rucksack is anybody's guess. See you at Woolfest.


  1. You must be very excited about the woolfest. Please come back and tell us all about it.
    Blessings, Star

  2. I wish I could - have fun on the day(s) and hopefully good weather too!

  3. Always a hectic time..what to take and what not.....good luck!