Friday, 19 June 2009

Still to do for the Woolfest

  1. Print off Colours of the Rainbow
  2. Finish formatting the label
  3. Print label
  4. Cut sheets of painted paper for book covers
  5. Stick label
  6. Stick photo on inside cover
  7. Staple books
  8. Print 10 copies Colour of the Earth
  9. Cut book covers for Colours of the Earth
  10. Staple Colours of the Earth in
  11. Put all three books in box (including Colour of the Sea and Sky) and put to be loaded in car.
  12. Finish another 10 Fine felt Key Fobs
  13. Price tags for fobs
  14. label for Key fob stand
  15. Make 60 pots of textile paints-all Saturday is scheduled for this.
  16. Label pots
  17. Make up Red ink
  18. Print labels for red ink
  19. Stick on labels for red ink
  20. Make up 20 Zip bags of teeswater
  21. Label teeswater Zip bags
  22. Make up 10 more small felt Kits
  23. Label
  24. makeup 10 " Necklace Kit"
  25. Write Instructions for Jewellery kit-mostly written,just needs formatting.
  26. Print label
  27. Print photo for jewellery kit
  28. print workshop leaflets
  29. Print Helen Melvin A5 flyers
  30. Sort out baskets
  31. Sort out stand covers
  32. Check that have all advertising posters
  33. Get Float
  34. Load Car
  35. Pack suitcase
  36. Check stall stand
  37. Put top box on car
  38. Put in essential food- coffee tea milk sugar cereal bread pepper salt, marigold buillion jam olive oil rice cakes chocolate biscuits rice milk WINE and dog food- we are self catering
  39. Remember to take Dog-as this is the first time we are taking her-where will she go- in the top box?
  40. Phew! set off
see you there
Bye! Bye!


  1. Looks like you're going to be very, very busy! Good luck with it.
    Blessings, Star

  2. How do you do it all...hope the dog did not end up on the roof of the car.... Hope you got through your list and Woolfest is a raging success for you.

  3. Well DH spent two days reading my new book editing it and putting the corrections into the computer.He has cut the covers and a friend is coming to put the books together-while I walk her dog with mine!
    Thanks Helen

  4. after all that chaos I hope you're going to have a good time at woolfest - and have plenty of sales! and hopefully the dog will be happy too:))

  5. Best of luck at Woolfest - it can't be said you haven't gone prepared !!

  6. The Dog is on a win win as she gets to be walked by DH in the Lakes (he finds the Woolfest a bit boring poor man) She also avoids a spell in dog prison aka dog kennels and will also have time with Enys who is the love of her life!
    I am having a breather for making up textile paints I still have two to go yellow and purple , the rainbow books are done , I had a printing problem now resolved so no more Colours of the Earth but I have eight so that will have to do. I had an ink order in this morning which will run me a bit low on black ink for the Woolfest but I think I have run out of time. Haven't made more red ink either "sigh" can't do everything.
    Thanks to all your support. Welcome to Shani-

  7. Maybe next year I'll get to Woolfest, everyone seems to be getting ready now and it all seems very exciting. I hope it all goes well, do have a good time when you get there!

  8. Dorothy I think you would really enjoy yourself .Not much for a weaver perhaps but plenty for a knitter! So something to plan for next year-if you are going to stay anywhere you need to book early too Hope you are feeling better.

  9. looking forward to seeing you and all your goodies at Woolfest

  10. OOH! Fiona come and say hello.
    I am feeling very excited as I have just sent off my first order of textile paints and have three copies of my new book ordered! yeah!