Monday, 7 December 2009

Back from the Textile Market

I am just back from the Textile Market at Trefriw. This being on my home stamping ground (well an hour away) has been great fun as so many people I knew popped in. People who had been on my workshops, someone who had been to an open studio event as well as all my old spinning friends . All but one of the local spinning guilds from Cheshire to the Lleyn peninsular came. A fellowblogger Artis-Ann from Snowdona came and bought some of my fibres. As she is a beautiful spinner and knitter I am expecting wonderful things and as we had "met " via our blogs it was good to meet in the flesh. Thanks to Debbie's John who has made two stands for me I sold more merinos than usual especially the handpainted 18.5micron and 3/4 of my hand painted cashmere and silk -recession what recession! The Beyond the Twist Yarns marched off the stand into people's bags. Imagine a trumpet fanfare at this ! Anne (who taught me to spin) had written a dear little pattern for a neckwarmer which I printed on sheep poo paper (made in Snowdonia)and this went with the handspun kid mohair and tussah silk . Nearly all of this went-apart from the one which was a cochineal pink -people found it too pink! As I am now out of Kid Mohair it is fortunate that some of Lesley Prior's kid mohair is on it's way as I write. I don't Knit -at least I can knit garter stitch but I don't knit as some people knit ( steeks and complicated patterns and things) so questions throw me. What thickness's are your yarns for example sent me off at great haste to Anne to ask. Chunky to aran weight in case you are wondering
Sunday was a quieter day but I had a delightful customer in the morning - a mature lady (but not as mature as me) - who had started a fine art degree now her children had left and she was on her own. She bought a full set of inks and was very excited about them. So was I as seeing someone really inspired by something I produce - it gives me a most fantastic buzz. In between customers and visits from people like Alison Daykin who popped in enroute (?!!) from Derbyshire to South Wales Debbie- the Mulberry Dyer- and I propped up the wall and put the textile market to rights and discussed dyeing (well what else!).
I made enough money to keep me happy. I sold lots of my new yarns which not only gave me a thrill but means I can spin more! Now I am free till Mid January -apart from a small commission or two. ( And I am g0ing to spin some cashmere and silk too as there were two hanks left)
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  1. A lovely display, Helen, with lots of glorious colours. It has inspired me to get my dyepots out again. By the way, what are "steeks" (in your comments about knitting)??

  2. Thank you for the link. Artis Ann lives near my grandparents and has posted about Parys Mountain. When I last visited Anglesey I visited every craft shop on the Island and could not find anywhere to buy wool tops, rovings or fleece.

  3. I am glad you liked the colours and feel inspired! However I am the wrong person to ask about steeks-I have just heard ardent knitters talk about them and loved the name! I think it is about cutting the stiches but why or how I have no idea)!
    Jasmine -you can get natrually dye dmerino form me or sunthetically dyed from Trefriw Mill in the cottage wehre Anne and Wendy demonstrate spinning. Anne has tops painted in synthetic dyes and Wendy sells packs made up form chemically dyed merino's. Anne also often dyes whole fleeces and has packs made up from that. If they are not here the Mill staff will open up on request and sell to you.

  4. Oh my goodness :) after meeting you last weekend I was shamed into updating my blog today and then I saw that you had updated yours as well so I had to take a look !! and I see my name there LOL It was so good to meet you at long last and I look forward to the next time. Glad you had a good weekend

  5. I gave up hope of getting to the fair when google maps told me it was 2 1/2 hours drive :(

    It's lovely to read about it and see your colourful pictures instead, I'm glad you had an enjoyable and successful time.

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  7. I am glad you liked the colours and feel inspired! A lovely display, Helen, with lots of glorious colours. It has inspired me to get my dyepots out again.

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