Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cold weather felted collars and starting to knit

This time of the year my studio feels very cold when I first go in. Today I rushed in and lit my trusty wood burner, a stove pipe type one similar in design to second world war ones. It heats up very fast and after an hour the studio is warm enough to work in. However I have to dress up for it and here is me with about four layers on three pairs of socks ( the cement floor is cold) and my felt boots on a rare outing. They are so warm I don't usually wear them
I needed to make a felt collar for my January workshop having stupidly sold my other
one without a decent photo so I braced myself to get out into my frigid studiol However I thoroughly enjoyed making it and listening to an excllent play on the radio too, and when it is dry I post a picture up. In the meantime here is a picture of my knitted scarf for Isabella- we seemed to have started an informal learners group on the Online GuiId after Isabella confessed to making it her aim for 2010 to learn to knit. I can knit in the sense I can do garter stitch. When I tried before I tried to go too fast and got thoroughly exasperated at my failure to be able to follow simple patterns and gave up in despair but I really do want to learn to knit and now I am taking it slowly and steadily. So I started this scarf for DH but after advice from a member of the online guild I am going to unravel it and knit it longways.


  1. You go, girl! Happy New Year. May 2010 bring you lots of joy and creative activity.

  2. Happy New Year Helen
    love the boots!
    Keep warm well and Happy
    all the very best

  3. Helen, I think it's great that you take up that challenge! don't give up - it's great fun and relaxing, once you get more experience. and the yarn looks yummeh - is this the indigo silk/mohair from the post before? thanks for your new year's greetings - I hope you're going to have a healthy and fun year to come too!

  4. What a super little stove, I like your methods for keeping warm, I often wear two of everything - jumpers, shirts, vests, long johns with trousers and 2 pairs socks, but only one hat. It works!

    The scarf yarn looks beautiful, handling beautiful yarns is part of the pleasure in knitting, so I think you're off to a good start.

  5. Thanks everyone-yes the yarn is the mohair and tussah silk quite yummy-and textured so it hides mistakes!
    I wear two pairs of socks and find a square scarf folded in half as a triangular scarf a la the Victorians worn round the neck and fastened with a brooch is very warm too.

  6. You look warm and cozy! It's pretty cold here during the winter and I wear thermal undies (long johns)under whatever I wear, wool socks and at least two layers on top, just to be in the house! Outside I have a down parka and thermal boots which are almost too warm some days.
    I love the blue colours of that scarf. That is a colour that always calls to me! totally yummy colour!

  7. Hi Helen,
    I've only just visited here after New Year and seen your knitted scarf! Brilliant - and thanks for showing it. I put mine up in the photos on the Online group. It's a ribbed one, two plain and two purl all the way. The main triumph was finishing it because I thought I'd get fed up half way through. Knovice Knitters Unite!!