Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Books Reviews and Money

Every now and again I  review books.  Normally dyeing books , sometimes related one such as textile embroidery  books.  Yesterday for example I mentioned Jill Goodwin's  A Dyer's Manual, my first dye book and still after 30 years a valuable source of information on colours to expect from a wide variety of British Plants.  Somewhat dated I said on the level of mordants.  Now if you buy this book I will earn a little money .  I feel a little uneasy that I may have compromised my self on this but on the other hand I write honest reviews -and will go on writing them and I don t see why I should not earn a little from my expertise.  I had been planning to write a list of dye books for example that I recommend. However I find that the link is to the American Amazon site not the British which may make a difference.  Hmm!
A Dyer's ManualA Dyer's Manual, First Edition.

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