Saturday, 3 July 2010

Dye Garden in summer (and going down with crash!)

The Dye garden has n ever looked so good and many of the dye plants are now in flower.

Saffloweer Carthamus tinctoria just opening leaning against Hopi Red dye Amaranthus whatsit-must ask Enys for the correct Latin name as it is in none of my dye books, ( she has the one on North American Dye plants) . Behind it is Cosmos and the green is Persicaria tinctoria
Vipers Bugloss -Echium vulgare. It is a huge attractor for bees and so I managed to get one with a bee on it . This is a member of the Boriganacae family many of which give purple or blues with the roots. Someone on Natural Dyes Online mentioned a couple of years ago that they had got blue from the root. This is why we grow it ostensibly but really because Enys adores it and because it attracts bees. ( And I love it too) I haven't tried it yet. Why? Because you have to dig it up and although I always tell visitors to the garden that Enys won't let me dig it up really I couldn't bear too either. It is such a fabulous blue too.
In front the Vipers bugloss, behind Genista tinctora just opening ,with common yarrow Achilleia millifolium in full flower. You can't really see it but the Staghorn Sumach Rhus typhina is in full flower. I have never seen so many on it before and I wonder whether the flowers give any colour. Has anyone tried them?

Behind the bears is dyers chamomile Anthemis tinctoria , which is what the children will use when the BBC come to film a children's science programme in a couple of weeks. It is called Nina and the Neurones.
And the crash
A Chest infection -out of the blue not preceded by anything but an itchy cough which I put down to hay fever . So now I am on massive doses of steroids to keep my lung function from dropping to hospital admission level and antibiotics. The trouble with the steroids is that make you disinclined to sleep and to want to eat and eat and eat because you never feel full. OH woe!
Still the dye garden is lovely and DH loves doing the routine jobs like weeding and watering. And my poor student who was coming on Monday has had to pull out because of an injury to her wrist so in some ways it is all panning out. We are hoping she can rebook when she starts to recover.
I am going to have to slow down! sigh.
I keep forgetting to welcome new followers. So welcome lovely to have you all. Please do drop by and leave a note. I love getting them.


  1. I loved the visit to your dye garden, gorgeous. do take good care of yourself-hugs

  2. Hope you are better soon Helen. The garden is looking gorgeous

  3. Oh I am sorry to hear you aren't up to snuff. I had a three week infection several weeks ago, and it was a killer. I am here to tell you, rest, rest, rest, and take the meds. I tried to keep working, and it just made it worse. Your garden, though, looks truly lovely! Enjoy it!

  4. Greetings from America ~ Although I stop by your blog fairly often, I rarely leave a comment so "Hello"! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts. There is so much to learn here and great of you to share so much info. Love all the pictures today of your garden splendor :>]]

    Hopi Red Dye amaranth is A. cruentus x A. powellii, I believe...

  5. Thanks for all the kind messages and it is nice to know you are enjoying the garden too! Im feeling bit better thank you all just not happy on being on a high dose of steroids again! I am resting a bit -making more landscapes pictures which is lovely and spinning on the Aura all evening because it spins like a dream. Thanks Sweat pea for the Latin name for hopi red dye -now I have to learn about how to use it! It is now coming into flower.

  6. I hope you'll be better soon, Helen - and when DH has finished all the weeding - could I borrow him for some time? he'd find plenty of weeds to "love" over here:))