Saturday, 4 August 2012

Malvern Hills Summer School

Talk about deadline coming up fast! Not only is Helf Gelf very much on the horizon but so is my regular teaching stint at Malvern Hills Summer School - actually now called the South Worcestershire College. So between making landscapes I am  making samples for the Felt and Fabric Tote Bags ( Thursday  16th of August )  and of course packs). Other workshops are  Postcards which is felt landscapes and machine embroidery   (Wednesday 15th August) and Eco Dyeing. ( Friday 17th August)
These are some of the things I shall be doing.
Naturally dyed and patterned  Eco Silks  in the Eco Dyeing workshop
Samples for the Felt and Fabric Tote bags

 Small Landsape ( Night Sea 2)  in Postcards


  1. Thank you lynda not found dyed stitched but certainly dyed and stitched!

  2. i DO like those silks in the top image.

  3. those silks are fantastic! I love them

  4. OOOH! Love all these comments. Thank you. Ilove the silks too :) - have done since I first started doing them two years ago but your comments really encourage me to do more and develop the technique.