Monday, 7 January 2008

Inks & Unsold pictures

Hi thank you to both Debbie and Tracy for their helpful comments. ( In the comment section of the previous post) I have read Victoria Finley's book but a few years ago so the information must have gone in one ear as it were and out the other. (sigh) memory is evidently not as good it was and it never was very good! The idea of thickening dyes with yoghurt is a new one on me but sounds similar to John Marshals technique of using soy milk as a binder. All this is absolutely fascinating and I wish I had 48 hours in a day, as I never have all the time to experiment that I want! I am swamped with commissions and workshops at the moment. This is good but the inks have to go onto the back burner for the moment and sadly today I had to pick up my pictures from the most recent exhibition where none of them had sold. I do my pictures because I love doing them, they are inside me and burn to come out so I don't do them to sell specifically but if I don't my house will need to have extendable walls, and my bank manager might not be estatic either!
The one above is one of the unsold ones but I like it so I am quite glad to have it back. Incidentally it is unusual for me in that it has no stitch.

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