Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Merino 18.5 micron ( Merino 100's)

I haven't really got a grasshopper mind, it is just that I usually have three or possibly four projects on the go at any time. Just as a recap I am spinning a shetland /ryeland cross & silk, reading about inks and this is the one that has been ongoing , dyeing and felting with merino 18.5 micron or more commonly known, at least in the UK ,as Merino 100's. The first measurement is the micron width of the fibres, the second I can't remember something to do with how much you can spin with a certain weight of fibre -you can see why we are changing to to micron width it is much easier! The more usual merino is 23 micron or known as 64's.
This is for my next workshop Leaves of Gossamer Felt on Saturday. The picture on the right is a wallhanging made in merino 100's about 134 cm long and 34cm wide. The photograph looks rather dark to my surprise since I took it outside in sunlight and I also had to trim off the wavy edges as other wise you saw bits of bush so so I will retake it when it is situ at the Chiron Centre in Ruthin ,an alternative healing centre ,and a restored medieval building , which is the most fabulous space.
The wall hanging would equally well have made a fabulous stole it is so light and soft as it is only two fine layers thick. A friend of mine describes merino 100's as the nearest you can get to sheep's silk

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