Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sold One!

Hooray I have sold a picture. A gallery rang me up today to say that one has gone! :) It is only a small one but it is amazing what a boost to the ego it is!


  1. Congratulations Helen! It's a good feeling I know. Your work is lovely BTW.

  2. I echo Leigh's congratulations. Such a great boost to one's outlook on life!

  3. Me,too.
    I wanted to write someting to your last post, but didn't know how to be sorry in English. Maybe that gallery wasn't just the right place for your paintings, wrong clientele?

  4. Hi Leigh, Janet amd Leena thnak you for popping in and taking the time to give moral support-and Leena your English is so good you dont need to worry especially as us English are always so in awe of someone who speaks two languages!

    I tried to tell myself it was the gallery but as it is somewhere I have sold before possibly not. Could be the price. Oh well at the moment I am bsuy making a wall hanging so I am riding high with lots of creativity surging around.