Wednesday, 10 June 2009

From Enys

Finally found time to write something on the blog. I can see Helen has told you all about the fabulous open garden day we had, the sun shone and the plants looked great.
We had some lovely comments and compliments - so Chelsea here we come!!
Another month and the the garden will be really full to bursting point. I believe in close planting, gives the weeds less chance to get a grip. Fortunately what some gardeners consider weeds are also dye plants - this allows us to say that the 'weeds' in the garden are of the specially cultivated variety! At the moment I'm trying to re-plant various parts of my garden, putting in more dye plants in sections and mixing others up with the herbaceous perennials to give a mixture of striking colour e.g. Oriental poppy, Astrantia, Aconitum amongst many others. Last month I had to demonstrate how to make up a hanging basket, something I don't often do any more, used to make up lots, so now I'm stuck with it, but I must admit it does look very attractive. Unfortunately dye plants are no good for this job!
Have spent what seems like hours potting on Persicaria, Coreopsis, black pansy, Isatis indigotica, Isatis tinctoria, Rubia tinctoria, Tanecetum vulgare, Galium verum, Echium vulgare. The Woad in my garden has decided to make itself a bed of its own, it looks just like I had planted it special rows - something I've been trying to create for years.
Helen has explained how to put photos on the the blog and true to form I've forgotten, so will get it written down and next time I'll actually have photos of my garden to show you.
Back to work. Plants labels to write.


  1. Enys,
    Excellent reporting and I can't wait to see the photos. However, I think that I can envision the garden just as you have written it!

  2. Hallo Enys, looking forward to the foto's of your garden. I would like to know how you dye with poppy's?

  3. Hi Martine Enys does not dye with poppies-she just puts them in amongst the dye plants. We do this-put in flowers for colour or the wildlife- in my garden and I have a very nice rose in the middle of one of my dye beds and also the herb bed.
    Bw Helen