Saturday, 18 April 2009

From Enys
Just been potting on yet more seedlings, and looking at the ones I potted up last week, and thinking by this time next week they'll need to be put in bigger pots!! Trouble is I can't throw any plant away, Peter (husband) manages to be quite heartless and discards any of his plants that he thinks don't maker the grade. My problem is - all my plants are really strong so I can't bear to discard any, must try and stop anthropormorphising them (how's that for a big word) and talking to them, or one day men in white coats will take ma away!!
Enough for now.

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  1. I am the same - but sometimes I feel that I am right - esp. when a very small and ruffled plant suddenly decides to grow after all and turns into a beautiful swan after starting out as an ugly duckling:))