Thursday, 23 April 2009

Wonderwool Wales 25th-26th April at the Royal Welsh Showground

Posted by Helen

We,that is Enys and I are setting off to Wonderwool tomorrow.
If you are coming come and see us we shall be at N4. If you are a blog follower tell us and we will give you a blog follower discount of 10% . (Except for the special offers -such as 6x50g 0f merino for £20.00 as these are already discounted).

Natural Fibres Naturally Dyed
Natural Dye Inks
Dye Books
Dye Plants
Ceramic and Pottery Buttons

ps that is a back view of Enys at Woolfest !

These photos are of the Woolfest as the stall at Wonderwool last year was not too good. The reason for this is each stall is made up of a shell which has dirty white walls ( it is rather like being inside shoebox which is open to the top and at one end)! It was suggested to us by the organisers that you could hang meat hooks over the shell and then hang a broomstick from that. Sadly my stainless steel butchers hooks were too small, so it was a disaster as we had no way of covering the dirty white walls. This time however I am setting off sorted thanks to Debbie Bamford's John and DH and I expect the stall to look good, (or at least better). Furthermore I have loads more dyed merino than last year, indeed than ever before so should create a big splash of colour.