Thursday, 16 April 2009


From Enys
I've obviously got time on my hands, ot maybe I just need a break from potting on seedlings. I potted on what seemed like thousands yesterday, it was actually about 150, Anthemis tinctoria and Persicaria tinctoria. I'm now looking at the Chinese woad, got two more tray to pot on. At least it doesn't matter if it rains, I just adore being in the greenhouse. I could quite cheerfully move in there, nice and quiet, except when my almost 4 year old grandson comes with me, he manages to make himself absolutely filthy, but at least making mud is a quiet occupation! He is actually very helpful, he fills up the pots for meand can usually manage about 20 before boredom sets in!! All the plants that are now large enough are being taken outside to be hardened off, bit of a drag having to take them in and out for a few days before being able to leave them out permenantly. My Madder has at last made an effort and I now have a few to pot on to the next stage, really exciting - that makes me sound so sad!!
Dog and I are now going out to take in plants - it never stops.


  1. Hello there,
    Could you possibly send me a list of seeds that you think would help me in starting to grow my own plants for dyes.
    Do you live near Llangollen?
    I am going home in Sept and would love to visit you .

  2. Hi Jude
    You would be most welcome to visit my garden which has an example of every dye plant and Enys's garden which has more bulk. We are both about 30/40minues from Llangollen and would love to see you-give one first a ring first or email just to check we are there.
    List of plants
    Anthemis Tinctoria (Dyers chamomile)
    Coreopsis Tinctoria
    Rubia Tinctorum (Madder) needs patience and it is not decorative
    Persicaria Tinctoria (difficult to get seeds but we can supply plants by post-these will be on my website soon
    Solidago sp Golden rod but this is invasive
    Gensita Tinctoria( dyers greenweed)this only lives about 3-4 years, about 5 ft high spread about 5 ft.
    Dictated by Enys while having coffee and sheltering from the rain.

  3. hi Enys, I feel with you - I have quite a few trays with seedlings to pot on - and just finished several ones yesterday! the worst part is not to be able to keep them all - and nobody around who'd be interested in them! I just potted 20 artichokes, threw quite a few seedlings away - but where will I put them all if they all survive?:)) what was it about the murderer always being the gardener?:)) btw, I use one of those old "butlers" (like two tea trays like shelves, foldable and with coasters) to roll in and out quite a lot of small pots - saves a bit of work. the rest is in plastic trays that I inherited from a nursery... slightly damaged, but still good enough for me!