Thursday, 23 April 2009

From Enys

Posted by Enys
Finally got the hang of writing in a blog. Should have been doing it winter when I actually had more time. Potted on 50+ of Chinese Woad last night. I can only work in the greenhouse early morning or in the evening - otherwise I'd get so hot Peter might come back and find I'd dissolved into a puddle of something or other!! This morning was reasonably cool so I got on with the Coreopsis and Baptisia australis.My evenings and dear husbands are spent watering in the greenhouse and watering the plants being hardened off outside - I'm sure they multiply during the night. Oh, and the rabbits have found my plants and are beginning their great pruning session so now I'm putting them on a frame out of their reach, trouble is I don't have enough of these frames. Have to get back to the drawing board.
I guess Helen has told you we'll be at Wonder Wool, I ll have some of my plants, so look me up if you are there.
Back to the plants.


  1. Hello Enys, I'm enjoying reading about your plants, it's very encouraging, I shall have to plant some more seeds tommorrow :)

  2. I like reading about them too :) it makes me appreciate all the work that goes into the plant that I casually toss into the dye pot.

  3. The Chinese Woad worked so well last year
    what a beautiful colour
    both in the pot
    and the final results
    worth all the hours of care
    Thank You
    Enjoy Wonderwool
    will ry to make it next time
    Having an India Flint dyeing course this weekend
    but you are in my thoughts

  4. OOH! wow Alison do remember to tell me about it, it should be a real development on form the work we did last summer bundling fabrics. I am very envious and just sorry India Flints workshop clashed with Wonderwool.

  5. hello Helen and hello Enys
    this is to thank you both for this wonderful blog
    I come back every day to read posts and learn about dyeing-
    the way you write about the plants and processes is so inspiring and informative!